Grief cannot be fixed, but there are ways to help.

Grief Guide Consulting offers assessment, education, and counseling to help grievers, professionals, and organizations understand the grief process and navigate loss.

What We Do


Assess and develop a supportive response to the grief needs of your organization or community.


Grief is a natural response to loss; a process that can be understood and a skill that can be taught.


Grief is a journey; when the path is unfamiliar or uncertain, it can be helpful to have a guide.

Understanding the Grief Process

Benefits for Helping Professionals


Overcome the awkwardness of not knowing what to say when patients and clients express grief emotions related to significant loss.


Advance the quality of your care by learning simple yet compassionate responses, tools, and interventions that offer guiding support.


Improve relationships with patients or clients by understanding the grief process and developing skills that help others navigate a difficult journey.

Stand Out

Excel as a preferred health care provider in the wellness industry by knowing appropriate responses to the grief emotions that are natural loss reactions.

Why Helping Professionals Need Grief Education Services

EVERY patient who is navigating a life-changing or life-ending diagnosis is grieving.

EVERY client talking to a therapist about a painful loss is grieving.

EVERY person facing a major life transition is ending a familiar season of life and they are grieving.

And yet, most academic programs do not adequately instruct helping professionals on how to respond to the normal grief responses intertwined with treatment.

As a result many professionals ignore or minimize natural grief emotions, not due to lack of care but because they are unequipped to offer a skilled response.


What Clients Are Saying

“Wendy is truly incredible. We had the privilege of having Wendy visit our clinic to provide a Grief + Loss training to our new therapists in their onboarding process. We could not have loved it more. She brought incredible wisdom while also maintaining such marked warmth, connectedness and curiosity. Her material was beautifully and thoroughly created, she represented a wide variety of concepts and theories of grief work and spoke to incredibly complex emotional experiences with such ease and clarity. We can’t wait to have her back!”. 

Hannah Branch, LMFT
Cultivate Counseling Collective

“Our staff at Together We Grow were having a difficult time with the significant losses of patients we have cared for at our center. Not only did we lose the children but also the connections we formed with their families. Wendy helped us work through our grief and provided education to our staff in a warm and safe environment. I highly recommend Wendy to anyone struggling with grief and loss.”

Katie Reed, RN Case Manager
Together We Grow
pediatric day health care Center

About Me

Wendy is a hospice bereavement specialist and a grief counselor who believes that grief is not a problem to be fixed but a journey towards healing and growth that we can learn to navigate. She offers assessment, education, tools, and support to guide people on their unique path.

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